When Particia Arquette spoke out at the Oscars for equal pay for women - and Hillary pushed this and a woman president at a recent gala -/they were championing what the Scarlet Sisters said in 1870 - 145 years ago! Just as they were blocked by Victorians then, so are women today by anti- women legislators . Can you believe 145 years? Read all about it!


How can all the reviewers call this wild tale of two outspoken feminists of 140 years ago "timely" and "of the moment?"


Read The Scarlet Sisters and find out! 


Scarlet Sisters



A fresh look at the life and times of Victoria Woodhull and Tennie Claflin, two sisters whose radical views on sex, love, politics, and business threatened the white male power structure of the nineteenth century and shocked the world. Their saga astoundingly resonates with today's women's issues.



Myra with Senator Tom Harkin at book launch!


POLITICO Looks at the amazing ride of the first woman to run for president in The Scarlet Sisters: Sex Suffrage and Scandal in the Gilded Age. MacPherson's "look at the sisters' lives is as entertaining as it is sad... Their father, Buck was ...a thief, a child beater, "a one-eyed snake oil salesman who posed as a doctor and a lawyer." ... Tennessee, with whom Victoria would collaborate closely throughout her life, worked as a "magnetic healer"; and both were made to perform as "faith healers" and "clairvoyants who spoke to the dead." Their lives were tumultuous, impoverished, unpredictable and nomadic."




Read more here


"Woodhull and her sister Tennessee Claflin were responsible for more headlines than any other women in 19th century America. They promoted feminist ideals eight decades before Betty Friedan. It's incredible they are forgotten today." The Internet Review of Books


The Scarlet Sisters is consistently in the top 100 on Amazon in three categories: Siblings, Women & Business and 19th Century History.


"Tennessee Claflin and Victoria Claflin Woodhull 'might in the wrong hands, appear to be quirky caricature out of an episode of Downton Abby,' said Megan O'Gady in Vogue. But the sisters who founded the first female-owned Wall Streetbrokerage mounted a campaign for women's rights that desrves to be remembered for its sweep and savvy. MacPherson captures it all, from the sisters 'shockingy short skirts' to their 'slightly hucksterish brand of charisma.'" The Book List in The Week, April 11 issue


"145 Years of Frat Boys on Wall Street: A history of Wall Street Sexism" Salon.com


"Are these sisters the most scandalous feminists of all time? MacPherson's new book is about two sisters in the late 1800's but couldn't be more timely." Metro


"Sensational...MacPherson gives a detailed portrait of the roller-coaster, rags-to-riches lives of two backwoods country girls, who, seeking to better their own situation, hoped to do the same for women everywhere… " Booklist


“Myra MacPherson’s fascinating dual biography” of two Victorian feminist firebrands….they continued to  “push for women’s rights--rights that, in the era of  ‘ligitimate rape’ and state-mandated ultrasounds,--remain at the center of our political landscape over a century later.” Vogue


"MacPherson crusades" for 19th century feminists" Vanity Fair


"MacPherson's enchanting dual biography…the epilogue "hammers home that even in 2014 men use women's bodies as political bargaining chips." The Washington Post


"A lively account of the unlikely lives of the 'two most symbiotic and scandalous sitters in American History." New Yorker Website


"In this sweeping, engaging new biography, Myra MacPherson chronicles lives that intersected with nearly all of the era’s great themes and famous  figures." Boston Globe


“THE SCARLET SISTERS [is] a livelier and more entertaining look at Woodhull, her family and their exploits than ever presented before.” And “THE SCARLET SISTERS would be an interesting conversation starter for book clubs...I am going to read it again! It is that good.” BookReporter


A Short Quiz on the Scandalously Progressive 'Scarlet Sisters' on Biographile


"For those who are accustomed to thinking about the leaders of the women's suffrage movement as prim society ladies... Myra MacPherson's new book will surely astonish. MacPherson aims her wit and very sharp pen at a side of the suffrage movement rarely seen in history books, epitomized by the two real sisters, Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Claflin. she has written a book that every badly-behaved woman – and those who admire them – should read. Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal


An excerpt from Scarlet Sisters on PopMatters


"Mike Huckabee's worst nightmare: Meet the radical sisters who revolutionized 19th century America" Salon.com


"Sensational in every sense of the word" raves Bookpage (which targets Kindle readers)…" A Grand tale presented on a grand scale." About the feminist sisters who took new york city by storm and fearlessly addressed the taboos of the time…"


"THE SCARLET SISTERS has everything from history and intrigue, to sex and money A fabulous delight of a read." - Jim Lehrer, former PBS Newshour Host, playwright and author of Top Down; a Novel of the Kennedy Assassination.

"Myra MacPherson's SCARLET SISTERS vividly and entertainingly brings to life a long lost chapter of American history that will surprise anyone who thinks that feminism is a 20th century invention.  It's both a great tale, and a great read." - Jane Mayer, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of The Dark Side

"Ordinarily, one would look to the fiction of Twain or Dickens to find a 19th century tale to match the real-life saga of the sisters Claflin-Woodhull. Happily, Myra MacPherson has rediscovered these proto-feminists whose rebellion against Victorian sexual enslavement and the power of white males captivated and infuriated their contemporaries for good reason and left a mark that resonates today." - Carl Bernstein Pulitzer Prize-winning Journallist, author of A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton and All the President's Men                                                       More...



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Even long before The Bachelor, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, and Storage Wars touched our lives, humanity has been a drama machine. With Myra MacPherson and Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz on the case, let your guiltiest of pleasures get slapped by the 19th century. Scandal, intrigue, and top hats galore--you won’t be able to look away.

Oct 26th



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Myra MacPherson


Myra MacPherson is an award winning best selling author. The Scarlet Sisters, MacPherson's fifth book, saw a return to the compelling issues of women's rights addressed in her first book The Power Lovers: The Effect of Politics on Political Families.




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